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Exhibition Range

Industrial Robot and Intelligent Manufacturing:
Industrial robot, robot development platform and software, robot parts, mechanical hand, 3D printing, AGV trolley, materials handling equipment, Industry 4.0 smart factory integrated solution, etc.;
Industrial Automation:
Transmission, mechanical drive system and parts, electronic parts and auxiliary equipment, industrial electrical systems, industrial control system, industrial computer equipment, industrial automation software, interface technology, connectors, low voltage switch, HMI device, micro system technology, laser technology, machinery and parts, industrial measurement and instrumentation, industrial communication, etc.;
Intelligent Robot:
Home service robot, intelligent service robot, catering service robot, Yingbin robot, quasi brain robot, child robot, bionic/real robot, education robot, medical robots, cleaning robot, interactive robots, autonomous robot, entertainment robot, UAV, intelligent commercial robot, inspection robot, etc.;
Machine Vision and Sensor Technology
Image processing system, machine vision integration, sensor technology and application, intelligent camera and accessories, industrial lens, light source/board, machine vision software package, grating, etc.;
Industry Assembling and Non-Standard Equipment Customization
Electronic intelligent manufacturing equipment, laser automation equipment, robot integrated application, intelligent assembling and transmission equipment, feeding and connection technology, drive-control-test system, tooling and fixture, industry custom non-standard plane, etc.

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