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Why Exhibitors

1,Held in the important manufacturing heartland for China and the world

Shenzhen City, Guangdong Province is both the world's important manufacturing base with unique regional advantages and strong manufacturing foundation and a world-leading center of scientific and technological innovation.

2,ARE Shenzhen 2024" brand advantages - professional platform and abundant resources
The 11th exhibition of the industrial intelligent manufacturing field in Southern China will be held in 2024.  The organization committee will fully organize brand manufacturers to participate and actively obtain extensive support from the association and government departments by utilizing its rich resources obtained worldwide.
3, Show new products, new technologies and market trends of the whole industrial intelligent manufacturing chain
At this Exhibition, the exhibition areas of industrial robot and intelligent manufacturing, industrial automation, intelligent robot, machine vision/sensor, industrial assembling and non-standard equipment, etc. will be arranged to exhibit new products and technologies of the whole industrial intelligent manufacturing chain.
4, Gathering of high-quality buyers having procurement decision right at home and abroad
It is estimated that this Exhibition will attract 40,000 professional buyers from more than 80 countries and regions. Of them, 70% are enterprise executives and more than 80% have part or all of the procurement decision right.

5,Comprehensive publicity and promotion to improve your return on investment

Hundreds of online and offline media will report and promote the event in a large scale before this Exhibition and major portal websites, radio and TV stations will give detailed feature reporting during this Exhibition by publicizing and reporting exhibitor enterprises comprehensively from different perspectives to maximize brand exposure and assist the exhibitors in obtaining more and broader opportunities for cooperation.

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