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         The 14th Shenzhen International Industrial Automation and Robot Exhibition 2024("ARE Shenzhen 2024" for short), which is jointly sponsored by Shenzhen Association of Automation and Hong Kong Trade Development Exhibit Group Co., Limited will be grandly opened at Shenzhen World Exhibition & Convention Center from August 28-30, 2024. This Exhibition with an estimated exhibition area up to 30,000m2 will focus on industrial robot and intelligent manufacturing, industrial automation, intelligent robot, 3D printing, machine vision/sensor, industrial assembling and non-standard equipment customization, etc. and will attract nearly 500 well-known brands from more than 20 countries and regions. It is to closely follow the development trend to promote industry exchange and cooperation through professional branding operation mode.

        The organization committee of "ARE Shenzhen 2024" has devoted to the industrial intelligent manufacturing field over years and accumulated rich industry resources through continuous innovation and development. This Exhibition focusing on the industry application is estimated to attract more than 40,000 professional visitors at home and abroad from 3C electronics, machinery/electromechanical, automobile manufacturing, hardware/mold, metal processing, steel/metallurgy, energy/electricity, rubber and plastics/packaging, food/pharmaceutical and other related fields. The exhibition successfully held for these years has provided an ideal business exhibition and exchange platform for every manufacturer who hopes to occupy a place in the context of Industry 4.0 over the years to meet the buyers' demands for one-stop efficient procurement and build a strong brand event of the intelligent manufacturing industry in Southern China.

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